The Benefiber.com Relaunch

Benefiber wanted to modernize their web experience and become a strong go-to source for dietary information. We made their site as clean and smooth as they make our digestive tracts.
Benefiber: Main Image


Benefiber had multiple product offerings but struggled with how to present them.
I structured the site around 2 main product categories with 2 distinct goals:
Benefiber Original for prebiotic fiber, and Healthy Shape for weight management.
Benefiber: Architecture


Benefiber had solid lifestyle content, but the presentation was rigid and dated.
We determined new categories and topics around which to base ever-evolving content.
Now Benefiber’s site isn’t simply a product site: it’s a functional knowledge base.
Benefiber: Lifestyle Wireframe


As the site caters to 2 distinct product categories, we needed to boost understanding.
We created intensive evergreen informational pages to better explain our main topics.
They’re based on an adaptable template, so they’re easily updated as goals evolve.
Benefiber: Super-Article Wireframe


The previous Benefiber site struggled with visitor drop-off due to dead ends.
Every piece of content on the site relates to one or both of the product categories.
In addition to linking like content, we also include the corresponding product.
Benefiber: Cross-Linking Wireframe


In keeping with the two-product theme, the main product page handles both products.
It offers comparisons between the two product categories before requiring a choice.
This empowers customers to make an informed decision on the best product for them.
Benefiber: Comparison Chart Wireframe