Because filing claims can be fun!

Filling out forms is never anyone's idea of a good time, but GIA should change everyone's perception, using a delightfully conversational approach. Collaboration with Ekta Shah.


The existing claims processing system had limitations which hindered experience.
Users were expected to know all their account information and re-enter it.
If they exited the flow or the session timed out, all their work would be lost.
We couldn’t touch the legacy system, so we decided to go around it completely.


We created a new interface that stands between users and the antiquated system.
We’d store user data on our own servers, and allow them to save and come back.
Using a chat-style format, we could lure users into using the new, modern experience.


GIA Flow: Intro 1 GIA Flow: Intro 2 GIA Flow: Intro 3 GIA Flow: Intro 4 GIA Flow: Personal Details 1 GIA Flow: Personal Details 2 GIA Flow: Trip Details GIA Flow: Bag Details 1 GIA Flow: Bag Details 2 GIA Flow: Bag Details 3 GIA Flow: Bag Details 4 GIA Flow: Completion Sequence 1 GIA Flow: Completion Sequence 2 GIA Flow: Quitting Sequence GIA Flow: Picking Up Sequence < >


GIA: Calendar Animation Test GIA: Initial Design Exploration 1 GIA: Initial Design Exploration 2 GIA: Initial Design Exploration 3 GIA: Initial Design Exploration 4 GIA: Initial Design Exploration 5 GIA: Further Design Exploration 1 GIA: Further Design Exploration 2 GIA: Further Design Exploration 3 GIA: Further Design Exploration 4 GIA: Further Design Exploration 5 GIA: Further Design Exploration 6 < >


Designing specifically for a corner pop-up box constricted exploration.
Creating a stand-alone design and later revising would lead to more creative results.
Presenting an iOS app would enable stakeholders to quickly understand product.


GIA Final Designs: Frame 1 GIA Final Designs: Frame 2 GIA Final Designs: Frame 3 GIA Final Designs: Frame 4 GIA Final Designs: Frame 5 GIA Final Designs: Frame 6 GIA Final Designs: Frame 7 GIA Final Designs: Frame 8 < >