More For a Healthier You @ Meijer.

Meijer grocery stores kicked off a Health & Wellness campaign to show help its customers live their best lives. They needed their web presence to provide the tools to fully commit to this journey.
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Food is the cornerstone of any health &38; wellness regimen.
To do this, we incorporated a robust recipe finder to help users plan their meals.
We offer a variety of filters to help users find meals that best match their needs.
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One rub with recipes is that they're usually static. Customers have to make updates by hand.
But this is the internet! We can do anything! Why should our users do the work?
The serving size is editable, and changing it updates the math throughout.
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Sometimes a recipe is almost perfect… but just needs a dash of horseradish.
It'd be tragic if you missed a suggestion because reviews are kept 'til the end.
With in-line commenting, users can give real-time suggestions to keep recipes delish.
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Incorporating recipes may not be enough for some customers who may need guidance.
Meijer has a dedicated team to put together weekly meal plans: one recipe for each day.
Users will be able to view the featured recipe for each day, and browse past meal plans.
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Continuing with never making a user lift a finger, we automated the shopping list.
Add entire recipes to the shopping list, and we’ll figure out the combined ingredients.
Add or remove recipes, edit serving sizes, change quantities, and then generate.
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Meijer brick and mortar stores wanted to host events related to this campaign.
Using their Choose Your Store functionality, we’re able to show events near the user.
Users can browse events and find real-world support in their wellness journey.
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