It's their money and they want it now!

The restless masses now use the internet to access services, and financial services are no different. In this brave new world, AIG must offer their customers an immersive digital experience.
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AIG’s Pensions customer base was rapidly becoming more technologically savvy.
They expected their account information to be accessible and actionable digitally.
Business also saw a reduction in call center volume as a crucial KPI.


We needed to ensure we truly knew our users, and that our goals were aligned.
We surveyed over 200 pensioners to better understand their needs and behaviors.
To determine our definitions of success, we interviewed our 7 stakeholders.


Reduce back-office work:

“One of my goals is to redirect the participants to use the portal rather than calling the 800 number.”

Help land new business:

“A few months ago, we lost a big client, and one huge reason was because we don’t have a web portal.”

Increase new-user retention:

“Five to ten percent of individuals will actually decide to move their money out from AIG within the first year.”


Appetite for self-service portal exists: User Finding 1: Appetite Exists
Customers would prefer web solution over call center: User Finding 2: Customers Prefer Web
Mobile use among our target audience is significant: User Finding 3: Mobile Use is Significant
Users completed a card sort to see how they expected info to be grouped: User Finding 4: Dendograms to Inform Navigation
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Create a self-service portal where most account data would be available.
Deliver all pertinent account information in a digestible and scannable format.
An upload function would allow us to accept digital scans of the required paper forms.


Our team created a visual design library called Hinge, to draw from and expand upon.
As designers worked on different products, we amassed a more robust library.
This allowed us to focus on the big-picture issues and use user-tested components.
Hinge Design Language Teaser


Every pensioner needs to request a quote before they can commence their benefits.
Given its universality and complexity, I wanted to make a robust interactive prototype.
This allowed stakeholders to fully grasp how the flow would handle different scenarios.
Pensions: Quote Request Frame 1 Pensions: Quote Request Frame 2 Pensions: Quote Request Frame 2 Pensions: Quote Request Wireframe < >


Though our portal was new, its user base would consist entirely of existing customers.
During online account setup, we didn’t want to ask for information we already knew.
To avoid this fatigue, we worked with our dev partners to circumvent the framework.
Pensions: Registration Animation Pensions: Legacy Registration Flow Pensions: Revised Registration Flow < >


Our research indicated users were most interested in seeing upcoming payments.
We wanted to display this information in a friendly way, and allow them to dig deeper.
Accommodations had to be made for up to three unique pension accounts per user.
The rest of the page gives options for users who aren’t sure what they’re looking for.
Pensions: Home Page Comp 1-up (Immediate Participant) Pensions: Home Page Comp 3-up (Immediate Participant) Pensions: Home Page Wireframe (Immediate Participant) Pensions: Home Page Comp (Deferred Participant) Pensions: Home Page Wireframe (Deferred Participant) < >


Users expected their account contact info to be analogous to their login contact info.
Given the backend system we were using, this wasn’t possible to accommodate.
We therefore had to show that these were distinct, using visual cues and messaging.
Pensions: Profile Comp (Electronic Payment Recipients) Pensions: Profile Comp (Paper Check Recipients) Pensions: Edit Profile Comp (Phone) Pensions: Profile Wireframe < >


This section allows users to view their full plan and most recent payments.
Users could also confirm if their payments were on hold or had to be re-issued.
Digging into further detail allows them to see the breakdown of each payment.
Pensions: Payments Comp Pensions: Payments Comp (Scrolled to Second Policy) Pensions: Payments Wireframe Pensions: Payment Details Comp Pensions: Payment Details Wireframe < >